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Yay! You're officially in second grade!!

Classroom Buzz Week of 1/19/16

Math-This week we will work on geometry, discussing solid shapes (cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, etc.) as well as looking at vertices (two edges meet). Ask your child what a vertex is and have them draw you one!         

Reading- This week we will read Ant. Our reading strategy is Question.  Have your child use the words who, what, when, where, why, and how to ask and answer questions about their nightly reading.

Spelling- We will be working on reading writing workshop words such as done, one, and two. Have your child look for these words in their phonics reader books or nightly reading.

Science- We will finish the water cycle: 

Have your child tell you the water cycle, draw it, and label it (condensation, precipitation, accumulation, and evaporation)! Challenge your child to tell you details about each part of the cycle.

Writing- This week we will finish taking notes on Ants to prepare for a research paper on animals. Ask your child about the animal we are reading about in class: what it looks like (characteristics), eats, and where it lives (habitat).